Vuse Vapor

Paving the way with vapor.

In many countries around the world, vaping is considered a compelling alternative to smoking. We helped RJ Reynolds overhaul its Vuse brand, position it to lead the movement to vapor and launch 3 new products.

The vapor reimagined platform was created to reposition the brand as a hyper-sensorial experience in stark contrast to every competitor’s scientific approach. Starting with developing and crafting a comprehensive brand guidelines book (which is something we create for all new brands and brands that require one), we helped plan and implement integrated advertising campaigns aimed at more than 35 million category consumers in the U.S. We developed a unique visual idea for the brand that travelled across a multi medium platform.

Our vibrant new platform saw multiple advertising campaigns come to life in TV, OOH, Radio, Digital, CRM, PR, events and in-store point of sale. There were even 3D billboards in New Jersey and a 10-story wallscape in Dallas.

Radio Spot 1

Radio Spot 2

Radio Spot 3

In this new multi-billion dollar category, awareness that leads to trial is key. In Texas, the Vuse Vibe launch campaign delivered impressions and unique site traffic that exceeded expectations. The introduction of Vuse Ciro in New Jersey also exceeded site traffic expectations. Vuse is now the #1 selling vapor brand in convenience stores and gas station across America!