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J.P. Wiser's Red Letter

The client
Corby Spirit and Wine
The Challenge

Corby Spirit and Wine Limited challenged us to draw in whisky fans and collectors to the Hiram Walker Distillery, in Windsor, by creating a unique and special “distillery edition” product with a “must purchase” appeal. The purpose of selling this exclusive merchandise was to drive traffic to the retail store and provide an incentive for visitors to leave with a souvenir.

The Solution

The original J.P. Wiser Red Letter recipe, initially positioned as a Whisky for the Wiser’s friends and family, was the perfect brand to re-birth for this campaign. The latest redesign employs new, premium and tactile label substrate and finishes, such as hot foil stamping, to underpin this exclusive offer. The wood-topped cork stopper is engraved with the Wiser’s ‘high mark’ family crest to signify the detailed craft for an additional premium touch. The bespoke paper labels take their inspiration from vintage telegram cards, giving a feeling that invites you to explore the packaging story. Other labelling attributes, such as the gold ink and custom-engraved illustrations, help elevate quality and scarcity perception.

The Results

The redesigned whisky bottle was launched in 2020 during an easing of COVID-19 restrictions, when people could visit the J.P. Wiser’s Brand Experience Centre. We received unanimously positive customer feedback and saw a lightning-fast sell-out both in-store and online.