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Everreal - Brand Creation

The client
The Challenge

How might we elevate the brand from a small-batch product to a trusted, artisanal treat while communicating the innovative features of the real, natural, organic, and vibrant ice pops within? Our challenge was to design a new look that would encourage health-savvy customers to buy Real Pops by instantly conveying what the product is and the value it provides. As these products live in the freezer, we also took into account the importance of shelf stand out behind a potentially foggy door.

The Solution

After completing a deeper analysis of our target audience’s consumption behaviour and purchase motivations, we redesigned the range to convey artisanal quality through hand-drawn illustrations and bold, impactful typography. The use of bright, bold pops of colours contrasted on a background of clean white with vibrant, fruit-inspired illustrations to increase visibility while steering clear of overly saturated pack graphics. This strategy differentiated the product from both the independent ice pop brands and fruit-forward CPG giants. Moreover, we recommended bringing the carton printing back from Asia to Canada, increasing the sustainability credentials.

The Results

Since the relaunch in 2020, sales of Real Pops have doubled and the redesign has elevated buyer’s perception of this innovative brand. Distribution has successfully expanded from Ontario to Quebec and British Columbia, and is expected to reach nationwide by summer 2021. Additionally, the consumer response to the new design has seen incredible results. A high level of consumer engagement through social media platforms has considerably sparked word of mouth and encourages on-going trial of this high-quality, trusted artisanal treat.