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Hershey's - Ice Cream Shoppe

The client
Hershey Canada
The Challenge

How could we say no to ice cream? When Hershey came up with ice cream flavoured candy bars to reach a younger audience, they came to us to find the creative positioning to make it all happen. At the time, ice cream was really having a revival, which was great timing for this new brand. We took that moment further and focussed on the brand insight: “Experiences and connections matter most.”

The Solution

Find the sweet spot between Hershey’s heritage and ice cream’s rich history. The solution? Hershey’s Ice Cream Shoppe. Rooted in our insight and inspired by ice cream’s heyday. Multi-coloured parlour awnings. Generously topped waffle cones. All feel good memories brought to life in a modern take on pastels, and bright pops of colour with Instagram-worthy bar design. Inspiring an attention-grabbing campaign created by Anomaly Canada inviting Hershey’s Instagram followers to choose their favourite colour.

The Results

In Canada, Hershey’s Ice Cream Shoppe creative platform was the largest summer innovation in the entire confectionary category in 2020. And internationally, the launch continues to impress—outperforming projected sales and distribution figures in China and the UK. In essence, going far beyond expectations, the Ice Cream Shoppe, initially trialed as a seasonal limited-edition range, will be returning to tantalize taste buds in the summer of 2021.

Millennials have a sweet spot, and we found it.