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IKEA Reasons To Visit Campaign

The client
IKEA Canada
The Challenge

IKEA Canada came to Pigeon brands to support in creating an integrated marketing campaign to drive consumers online and encourage them to explore all of the great things has to offer outside of just shopping.

The online experience at IKEA is more than just a shopping experience, it has more things to inspire and educate consumers, and people should spend more time online.

The Solution

The IKEA Reasons to Visit online – Campaign creative idea was developed to motivate consumers to visit and encourage them to explore all the reasons why they should spend time on the website.

The campaign concept uses the notion of “clicks” to convey a deep emotional connection between two people and the witty language is complemented with visual cues such as an exaggerated computer mouse curser and related imagery to motivate and inspire consumers to find what will click with them and their home online.

The campaign was developed with slightly different nuances to the messaging for French and English – it aims to click with French-speaking audiences, making a play on the word “clique” – which has a deeper emotional connection in French – when two people “clique” together, it means they share a deep heartfelt connection.

This creative approach looks to click with the desires of today’s consumers, conveying that besides shopping, is a great place to seek inspiration, learn how to live more sustainably, check out the latest offers and explore food options. Yes, the site has more items to click on than other online shopping destinations but, more importantly, it has offers, products and information to help you live your best life at home.

This integrated campaign will run across a full range of touch points, including promoted social, Digital-Out-of-Home, digital banners, online video and TikTok.