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Biron Integrated Marketing Campaign

The client
The Challenge

The healthcare system can be seen as a confusing maze to many patients. Although all healthcare professionals are well intended, simplifying access is not easy. Biron was not well known as the first point of contact for patients in the context of healthcare. Biron enters the process after consultation with a doctor, and the decision window for choosing a supplier for lab testing is very short. We needed to increase Biron’s awareness and its prominence in patients’ minds for consideration when searching for lab sampling and analysis services.

The Solution

To solve the patients’ pain points and to give Biron its right place in patients minds, we started by positioning Biron as an ally of health that is accessible, efficient, and flexible.

We created a positioning that dictates a positive discussion with the consumer-patient. There are a host of concrete reasons for choosing Biron. The campaign signature The Courtly Medical Lab was thus developed to emphasize the importance given to patients at Biron, thanks to attentive and courteous service. With a human and authentic tone, just like the Biron team, we remind the public that the professionals of Biron are right next door, ready to welcome them. The creative is rolled out in a 360 campaign in the Quebec market.