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Metro – Private Label Portfolio

The client
The Challenge

The supply of private labels has exploded in Canada, and consumers pay a lot of attention to them. In consumers’ eyes, they are now as valuable as national brands. Metro has a strong offer of a wide variety of private label products. To strengthen its position, we needed to solidify a vast and fragmented private label portfolio built over the years and adopt a long-term strategy that would allow to:

  • Expand the consumer base
  • Increase the preference
  • Differentiate the Metro group of banners offer

The Solution

Consumers are changing, trends and expectations are changing. Our strategy had to serve the business objectives and appeal to different customer segments to help drive sales growth. Together with the loyalty efforts already in place and the competitive price strategy, we wanted to develop strong brands by injecting them with more value, so as to give consumers even more reasons to choose them, time after time. We evolved the portfolio with a simplified house of brands approach and reassessed the positioning through a commun axis: Pleasure. Everyday pleasures, pleasure to discover, pleasure of well-being. Once the strategy was in place, we reviewed each brand and amplified and unified them through stand-out design. This approach allowed each brand, and even each line of products, to compete in each category they are playing in.

The Results

Multi-awarded brand design and double-digit growth post revitalization.