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The client
The Challenge

The main challenge was to launch a new meat brand and drive sales of veal in a very competitive food category. The Fontaine Family is the first national veal brand to launch. Its objective was to deploy in all Canadian provinces and into the American market. So we had to come up with a naming and design strategy that would work for both the Canadian and US markets.

The Solution

The packaging strategy was developed to stand out in categories that lack store-to-store merchandising standards. We developed the Famille Fontaine brand to resonate in both French-speaking and English-speaking markets and to connect with active young adults as well as parents looking for high-quality meat and ready-to-cook meals. The unique and distinctive purple tray allows the product to stand out.  The viewing window allows you to see the freshness of the veal which is the main purchasing factor.

The Results

The launch was a huge success. Costco registered an increase of over 40% in the early days compared to selling unbranded veal (generic packaging). Consumers could quickly identify the brand and the products. In addition, the packaging is unique and refreshing for this industry. No launch has been as successful in this sector for over 10 years in Quebec. Here is a testimony from the founder: “I went to the grocery store … I was shocked. I didn’t have to look for the veal this time around, a first in 20 years, I’m amazed at how the products stand out and of course the quality of the visual … it’s beautiful. I want to thank you for the support of the entire marketing and sales team who helped us become the premier pan-Canadian veal brand “.