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St-Hubert - Retail Product Packaging

The client
The Challenge

Quebec’s love brand St-Hubert is first and foremost a restaurant chain with culinary expertise of over 70 years. Its rich history has made it possible to build a close relationship with Quebec consumers. The retail product packaging platform was not capitalizing on the restaurant’s brand equity. The challenge was to continue to be the favourite brand of Quebecers and to expand the reach at the retail level.

The Solution

We wanted to express the same feeling the restaurant experience gives and transpose it to its retail product line. By doing so, we wanted to make sure to maintain the brand’s values: quality and craftsmanship. By giving a predominance to the red signature, we have also injected a more “premium” restaurant atmosphere by using a black background. We eliminated all superfluous elements to make room for brand storytelling and modernized iconography. The new platform permitted the launch of plant-based ready meals.

The Results

The brand is memorable across the multiple categories where it must perform. After 12 weeks on the market, the first segment showed an increase in sales of more than 30%. A performance above and beyond that of the category.