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2022 Creative Truths Forecast

All behaviour is rooted in emotion.

The truth of what we feel, is what drives what we think and do.

At Pigeon, finding a brand and consumers’ core truth and making it come true is our mission.

There’s nothing more valuable to building real connection.

The pandemic has shifted creativity and commerce in ways never seen before. To ensure our team and clients are best equipped to thrive, we have created the Pigeon 2022 Creative Truths Forecast.

The Pigeon Creative Truth Forecast focuses on dominant consumer sentiments, and their influence on key areas of creative expression across every dimension.



We’d love to host a Pigeon Creative Truth Forecast workshop for your team to share the insights we’ve discovered, and unlock new areas of creative possibility for your business and brand.

As a preview, below are three trends getting our team excited:







In the workshop we will share an overview of the most exciting creative truths we’ve identified in design and creativity, and will then spend focused time brainstorming where they may have the biggest impact on your brand(s) and business.

Here are a few comments we’ve heard from clients we’ve had the privilege of partnering with so far:

“This was amazing! My team is so focused on our category we never have time to think about creativity in this way or get exposed to this depth of creative insight and future foresight.”

“You really inspired us today!”

Reach out to to book a Pigeon Creative Truth Forecast workshop. We can’t wait to see what opportunities we can create together.
















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