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Clients Who Support Earth Day, Every Day

Saturday April 22 is Earth Day – a day that celebrates the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Its widely recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, with more than a billion people every year being reminded of the importance to change human behaviour with urgency as pollution and climate change ravage the planet.

At Pigeon, we are fortunate enough to work with clients that support the environment every day. Here are just a few of our wonderful clients that are doing what they can to operate sustainable businesses.


Tafisa is an owner and operator of North America’s largest particleboard manufacturing facility selling wood-based panels and surfaces to residential and commercial markets. Tafisa’s commitment to the environment is so outstanding that it has its own trademarked Rewood technology, a process that enables the recycling of 244,000 tons of post-consumer wood annually, which saves millions of trees. Furthermore, Tafisa’s composite wood panels are actually carbon positive, which means it stores more carbon than it releases into the environment during its production, reducing greenhouse gases.


Today’s global livestock industry carries at greater carbon footprint than all transportation combined. This industry is responsible for mass deforestation, water use, and soil and water pollution. Omni Foods is the solution from Green Monday to promote shifting omnivores to a flexitarian diet to address the growing concerns of global warming and food insecurity by eating more plant-based foods – without the sacrifice of taste and food enjoyment. Since its establishment in 2012, Green Monday has worked with over 1000 restaurants and schools globally, as well as schools and other companies to spread awareness and appreciation for the plant-based movement in favour of a healthy planet.


The dairy industry has faced growing competition from plant-based beverage alternatives and negative PR for its generally perceived non-environmentally friendly production practices. As opposed to burying its head in the sand, Nutrinor has strongly stood up to make a change in the industry with sustainable farming principles for the farmers who are members of the cooperative. More impressively, Nutrinor has become the first dairy brand in Quebec to switch to greener, carbon-neutral packaging – made entirely of unbleached cardboard. The new packaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to old packaging, and it comes from certified forests that are managed more sustainably. Furthermore, Nutrinor is the first brand of milk in Canada to boast carbon-compensated transport in Canada, offsetting all greenhouse gases produced by product transportation.


Sustainability is a core value at IKEA – caring for people, and the planet. IKEA contributes efforts to becoming a circular and climate positive business. Just a year and a half ago, IKEA launched its circular hub with its Black Green Friday campaign (developed and executed by Pigeon) in an effort to battle wasteful overconsumption on Black Friday, a holiday known for consumer gluttony. The hub offers past IKEA furniture owners the opportunity to sell back their preloved furniture to the retailer for resale to its forever home at a discounted price. Furthermore, the retailer has committed to reducing its climate footprint by working toward offering a 50% plant-based menu in stores by 2025, and using sustainable materials wherever possible, from sustainably and ethically sourced wool, wood, cotton, bamboo, and elimination of single use plastic items.


Rebon’s mission is to upcycle food co-products to create tasty, healthy and natural products. Rebon makes its crackers with the malted grain used in the brewing process of beer. More recently it developed tortilla chips by upcycling the corn that was used to make spirits. What a fabulous way to enjoy 100% natural, without preservatives or artificial flavours products that also help the planet through circular economy!


At METRO, corporate responsibility (CR) is expressed through a rigorous approach to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their business practices. Their action plan is organized under several pillars. The Pigeon team has been fortunate to work with the Metro team and several other recognized professionals on one of their many CR actions by creating a comprehensive guide to better create or optimize Eco responsible packaging.


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