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Pigeon Announces Exciting Leadership Transition: This is Elyse Boulet’s Moment of Truth.

Read our latest press release to learn about the leadership transition at Pigeon as Elyse Boulet takes ownership with backing from Kairos Capital Management, ushering in a new era of innovation and growth for the renowned brand building agency.

Elyse Boulet Acquires PIGEON

The CEO provides the company with the means to optimize its service offering and accelerate its growth in a rapidly changing industry.

Montreal, March 28, 2024 – After nearly five decades of existence, PIGEON, an integrated independent communications agency, enters a new era under the leadership of Elyse Boulet, current CEO, who acquires the business from its founder Thomas Pigeon, in partnership with Kairos Capital, a collaborative and participative investment fund.

“With this transaction and Kairos’ arrival, we have the necessary means to refine our service offerings. We are able to preserve our independence and boost our growth in Canada and internationally, within an evolving industry. As experts in the pivotal moment of truth, our team continuously exceeds our clients’ expectations, whether by thinking inside or outside the box. This is particularly essential in a context shaped by the emergence of artificial intelligence, the proliferation of communication networks, and the rapid expansion of digital. Creating value for brands requires a lot of creative and strategic agility and a clear vision,” said Elyse Boulet.

Leading the way forward

“There is no one better positioned than Elyse to continue growing the company and playing a leading role in transforming our industry,” emphasized Thomas Pigeon. “Elyse is an excellent communicator, an integrated communication specialist, and a reference in branding in the country. Her clients and team trust her. She possesses all the qualities required for PIGEON’S succession”

Towards new heights
“We not only love to invest in innovative Quebec and Canadian businesses but also actively collaborate with existing teams. The great Pigeon team stands out in their sector and shares our values of integrity, flexibility, enjoyment, and empathy. Their impressive track record and continuous growth over the past few years thanks to Elyse’s collaborative leadership provide a solid foundation upon which we will together lead the company to new heights of success,” continued Nancy Lessard, partner at Kairos Capital.

Increasingly international Kairos Capital’s arrival as a shareholder will allow PIGEON to benefit not only from the expertise of seasoned professionals in its management team but also from additional capital to invest in its resources, enhance its expertise, offer ever more innovative solutions to its clients, and support its growth organically and through acquisitions. The agency, which successfully established itself in Toronto several years ago, is further expanding its international presence, increasing its success in the United States, and aims to continue breaking glass ceilings.

Client interest and trust
“The truth is the only currency that withstands time, and today, it is more valuable than ever. It’s our fuel for ideas, but it’s also the foundation of all our relationships,” adds Elyse.

“PIGEON truly focuses on the interests of its clients and not just those of the agency,” emphasized Alain Tadros, Vice President and Head of Marketing and Digital Strategy, METRO Inc. “Over time, we have built a strong relationship based on trust.”

Over 30 years of experience
Elyse Boulet has over 30 years of experience in communications, and is recognized for her visionary spirit. Before joining Pigeon in 2017, she lent her expertise to several major brands – both on the client side and in various Quebec and international agencies. In her first year at PIGEON’s Montreal office, she doubled revenues, talent pool, and productivity.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Elyse Boulet
CEO & Managing Partner

Founded in 1977, PIGEON is an integrated independent communications agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto. PIGEON offers impactful solutions aimed at making brands buyable, lovable, and recommendable. Awarded multiple times within the industry, the company employs over 80 professionals in strategy, innovation, communication, and design. True experts in the pivotal moment of truth, they help brands express their difference through brand strategy, branding and design, packaging, advertising, in-store experience, digital content, and marketing. The agency creates ideas that make a mark for clients such as METRO, Danone, IKEA, Corby Spirit and Wine, Irving, and Hershey, to name a few.

Kairos is a Montreal-based private equity fund that provides long-term financial, strategic, and business resources to promising Canadian lower to mid-market companies. Established in 2020, the fund has completed a dozen investments and gained significant engineering experience in the telecommunication and building manufacturing sector. Kairos is an ideal partner for forward thinking companies and entrepreneurial management teams seeking growth capital to accelerate their long-term objectives.

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