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IKEA - Storage across the home campaign

The client
IKEA Canada
About the project:

Research suggests, three-quarters of people experience frustration due to living in untidy, disorganized environments, a sentiment further intensified by the growing prevalence of remote work. Recognizing that life can be messy, IKEA set out to help Canadians find affordable, quality storage solutions to help them combat their clutter. 

Working with this insight, Pigeon developed a campaign intended to liberate Canadians regardless of their financial constraints or living arrangements, from feeling ‘stuffocated’ by their possessions, while creating more mental space to enjoy their living spaces.  

The campaign began by tapping into the emotional connections we have with our belongings, then reminding consumers they don’t have to choose between the things they love and the space they need – IKEA has ‘Storage for all’.   

Four distinct campaigns were launched each quarter, focused on different areas of the home, and tailored to relevant seasonal themes such as, ‘storage solution resolutions’. Iconic IKEA products like BILLY, KALLAX and PAX showcased the brand’s capacity to address specific, highly customizable storage needs across every room of the home.  

The campaign was successfully executed across multiple channels, not only creating awareness of IKEA’s extensive range of solutions, but motivating Canadians everywhere to create the physical and mental space they need to ‘Bring home to life.’