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IKEA Canada - BlackGreen Friday Campaign

The client
IKEA Canada
The Challenge

For Black Friday 2021, IKEA has walked away from big offers and door-crashers during the sale season.

To showcase IKEA’s leadership position in sustainability, Pigeon was tasked to convey the brand’s sustainability ethos by showcasing their global Sell Back and Buy Back programs in a manner that would inspire and excite consumers to shop at IKEA.

A key challenge was to evolve the narrative around Black Friday in a way that would encourage consumer participation in IKEA’s circularity initiatives, while also giving opportunities to save money during a traditionally consumerism driven time of year.

The Solution

Pigeon identified a consumer truth that thrifting and upcycling has become mainstream. Ditching the stigma of ‘used furniture’ from years past, the campaign communications capitalize on this trend that meets consumer’s growing desire to be more sustainable, save money and help save the planet.

This was accomplished by developing an integrated campaign that helps to shift consumer’s mindset from consumerism to sustainability by leveraging imagery of iconic IKEA furniture in a new and impactful manner, accompanied by clever copy and an engaging call to action.

A spit screen technique was employed, showcasing BILLY or BESTÅ in two home settings.  This shows how the same IKEA furniture can come to life in two distinct surroundings and dramatized reimagining a piece of preloved furniture and allowed consumers to easily see how used furniture can come to life in a new setting.

This technique shifted the narrative, as all furniture has a story to tell.  From movie nights to holiday feasts to sleep-is past noon, preloved furniture gets to start a new chapter for in someone else’s home, each telling its own part of the story.
One before.  One After.

The campaign is supported with online video, out-of-home billboards, promoted social, and online ads – in market November 1 – 29.