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The truth is
in here,
it really is.

Truth is at the core of everything we do at Pigeon.

It’s the only currency that stands the test of time – and today, it’s more valuable than ever before. It connects consumers. Inspires movements. Creates new worlds. Generates opportunity. It stands head and shoulders above everything else. Since Day One, the truth has given us the insights to create brands from scratch – and bring them to life on the shelves and in the public imagination. It keeps us collaborative. It keeps us playful. It keeps us curious – and most of all, human.

If the strategy doesn’t stick, it’s not true. We make sure it does.

Our clients are our partners. Together we uncover what makes your brand distinct — worthy of consumer attention. We align the brand’s function with consumer needs to create desirability, memorability, and ultimately a brand that fits seamlessly into their lives.

We do it by never standing still, staying on top of global shifts. That way, we and our clients, are always one step ahead. Of course, getting to the truth isn’t always easy. It’s not always that obvious. But when you find it, people buy, love and recommend your brand – and there is no truer KPI than that.

Truth is like rocket fuel.
It ignites creativity and will take your brand or service to places you never even imagined.

Where some see the box as a limitation, we see it as the launch pad for the entire brand experience. And there is no truer proof of concept than in store – on shelf or online, amongst thousands of other brands. We make powerful brand stories come to life by determining shared values that spark interest, drive trial and build loyalty.

Our award-winning creativity is focused on creating ROI. We work tirelessly. We reflect. We question. We repeat until done. All this to ensure that every idea presented is scalable — giving depth, scope strength and stature to the brand. Relevance and authenticity must exist in all contexts. And we ensure it by employing a combination of insights, strategy, creativity and design. The outcome? We go far beyond campaigns to build brands that last.

Strategically Sound, Audacious and Inspiring Creative.

Top-down or bottom-up, making brands come true is about making sure each brand we create lives up to its promise. And we hold ourselves accountable for the brand’s ability to communicate its truth at every point of contact.

For us, it’s about taking each brand, fortifying their defining features, the characteristics that make them shine — and highlighting them in a way that goes far beyond standing out, to creating an ongoing conversation with the consumer.

since 1977.

We are a full-service, independently-owned agency. And for the past 40 years we’ve played an instrumental role in helping our clients craft some of Canada’s – and the world’s-most iconic brands. Our independence keeps us agile and on our toes. As a real people place with the reach of a multicultural agency, and working in 3 languages, the company culture at Pigeon runs deep and is reflected daily in our energetic and entrepreneurial spirit.


At Pigeon we believe that anything is possible when you put together smart creative thinkers, efficient methods, and positive, curious attitudes. We’ve never wavered from this philosophy, and we’re committed to the agility and spirit of collaboration that have made us who we are today.

It’s always been a collective effort and it always will be. Because it’s people that make Pigeon. People who bring their intellect, experience, sensibilities, eccentricity and humanity to the table every single day. Working together in an open-minded environment where they can share their perspectives, whatever they may be.

It’s this kind of respect for each other that also inspires our partnerships, our deep respect for diversity — and how when we all bring our backgrounds and ideas together, we can create something that is far beyond us. When we aren’t afraid to make mistakes. When we say why not? instead of why. For us, it’s the only way to push ideas further, to challenge convention. We start small. We think big. We dare. And we deliver. But most of all, we stay true to who we are.

Like what you hear? Whether you’d like to work with us, or for us, drop us a line, or drop by and say hi — we’d love you to join us at Pigeon.