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In the Absence of Truth, What Prevails?

At Pigeon, we navigate an ever-changing world for ourselves and our clients by using truth as our compass. The truth isn’t always easy to find, but when you do, the results will follow. It is through uncovering key truths about culture, consumer and category that we find true opportunity for connection, inspiration, loyalty and change. Truth is the only currency that stands the test of time, and today, it is more valuable than ever before.

Truth lies in a brand’s heritage and equities. It relies on data whether primary or secondary. It is also about observation and what consumers feel and want. Truth is about a company’s actions, not just what it says. Finally, it is about making sense of the collective of information in order to tell a compelling and meaningful story.

The problem of truth is in a way, easy to state: what truths are, and what (if anything) makes them true. As both branding professionals and consumers, how do we discern what is true and what is not? Are we intrigued with a false sense of reality, or are we truth-averse? Do we find truth intimidating because it makes things real? Are we uncomfortable with vulnerability or reality itself?

In the absence of truth, inauthenticity, inconstancy, a lack of clarity and an absence of meaning prevails. A cloud of deception and a skewed sense of reality ensues. False promises are made and consumers are led astray, grasping at what they once believed to be true. The truth, often embellished, reaches a breaking point where brand credibility crumbles, leaving an aftertaste of distrust and disappointment.

Living in a post-truth world, the truth has great influence on consumers’ perceptions and choices. Consumers are continuously inundated with information, products and competitive claims that make it challenging for brands to standout in a sea of sameness. The modern consumer is smart, tech-savvy and research-oriented, which drives them to pursue authentic and transparent brands that mean something to them. During this time of great uncertainty, consumers crave credible and reliable brands they know they can depend on. At Pigeon, we believe brand truth is the shining light that breaks through the clutter to connect and resonate.

Since Pigeon’s establishment, the truth has given us insight to create brands from scratch and bring them to life on the shelves and in the public imagination. We are experts at finding it, and making it the heart of the solutions we create. From in-store to on-shelf and online, there is no truer point of concept amongst thousands of other competitors. Above all, the truth keeps us rooted in reality. It builds connection, keeps us playful, curious, and most of all human. What’s your brand’s truth?

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