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Pigeon Thinks Outside the Box

PIGEON continues to evolve with a refreshed brand and website to reflect its philosophy, culture, and raison d’être. PIGEON has always been focused on creating consumer trust, from the first point of contact — the first moment of truth for any brand. And their clients can attest to this. Because at PIGEON, truth is the spark that makes the difference — igniting creativity and taking brands and services to places beyond imagination, places where people really get what your brand is really about.


As an agency specializing in brand strategy and brand design, PIGEON has experienced significant growth in the past few years. And they’ve done it by diversifying their communication services and developing numerous multi-channel campaigns. This ongoing evolution prompted the owners to pause and reflect, and take the opportunity to step back and re-imagine the future of the agency. Questioning what makes PIGEON unique, and how to continue long-term relationships with their clients, and deliver concrete results for their brands.


Ania Russocki, General Manager, PIGEON had this to say: “Honesty is rare in the brand world. Consumers scan sniff out a lack of integrity and choose to spend their dollars elsewhere. On the flip side, when customers feel and see the truth, interest and loyalty are the rewards. At PIGEON, this is why truth is the noblest pursuit. ”


“We pride ourselves in creating meaningful brand experiences along the consumer journey,” says Helena Yoon, Creative Director. “Connecting with consumers with truthful and relevant messages at each interaction point is crucial in this multichannel, hyper-competitive marketplace. Our mission is to seek out the core truth in the consumer’s life cycle and create brand voices for ongoing conversations.”


PIGEON’s mission is to focus on truth and transparency. To go beyond the shelves and ensure that brands are understood and appreciated for their core values, with a clear reason for purchase. Today’s consumers want to ensure that their values are reflected by the brands they choose. To achieve this, PIGEON creates real brand engagement across a wide range of communications platforms, especially digital. In other words, creating brand love — the kind of engagement that leads to sharing and recommendations. And there is no truer KPI than that.


Christina Essue, Director, Strategy & Insights says: “While our business grows into new categories and communication channels, every solution we create is rooted in sound brand strategy that illuminates the core truth at the heart of the consumer. Now more than ever, this is what matters most, truth is the most valuable currency of all.


Today, PIGEON supports its provincial, national and international clients with a multitude of services: Brand Strategy, Brand Revitalization, Brand Communication, Brand Content and Digital Ecosystems, as well as Brand Retail expression.


PIGEON is a full-service, independently-owned agency. For the past 40 years we’ve played an instrumental role in helping our clients craft some of Canada’s — and the world’s — most iconic brands. Our independence keeps us agile and on our toes. As a real people place with the reach of a multicultural agency, and working in 3 languages, the company culture at PIGEON runs deep and is reflected daily in our energetic and entrepreneurial spirit. Today, PIGEON is made up of 80 passionate, determined and creative professionals — with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Mexico City.

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