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Nutrinor - Rebranding and Communications Campaign

The client
The Challenge

Advocating sustainable agriculture of a unique kind and a pioneer in the field in Canada, the Nutrinor Cooperative is one of the largest cooperatives in Quebec. The goal was to celebrate the great pride of consumers of Saguenay ― Lac-Saint-Jean in Nutrinor products and to ensure the growth of the brand among a wider audience. The main challenge was to give them a strong and meaningful voice for a generation of consumers in search of genuine, local products that respect people and the environment.

The Solution

The cooperative’s milk is one of their flagship products and represents perfectly the values ​​and mission, uniting strengths of members, sustainability, and consumers. We have taken a strategic approach to encapsulate this distinctiveness. The new brand ecosystem breaks the conventions of milk by relying precisely on what sets it apart, focusing on its provenance, its traceability, and its sustainable agriculture. Nordic Milk™ thus becomes the common thread of the new image. The identity reinforces its origin with a revisited logo anchored in an organic form reminiscent of Lac-Saint-Jean. The packaging also proudly displays its cows, represented by various illustrations by Quebecer Maxime Prévost. We also evolved the brand identity to a communication platform, ensuring the consistency of the message. The campaign was deployed on various digital and social platforms, radio, and through various content creation initiatives. The enthusiasm of the stakeholders in their products paired with great storytelling made this brand immediately strong and recognizable, having as its main objective to change the world “one quart at a time”.

The Results

Nutrinor product line not only gained in distribution but saw a significant increase in sales, especially on organic, lactose-free products. Phase 1 of Nutrinor’s digital campaign made it possible to reach more than 800,000 consumers across the province in 5 campaign weeks.