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Distillerie 3 Lacs - Ready to Drink

The client
Distillerie 3 Lacs
The Challenge

Born from the collaboration and expertise of three friends, the Distillerie des 3 lacs is new in the game. PIGEON had already completed the brand identity of its base gins, which were a great success and became one of the top Quebec gins to discover. The challenge was now to launch their first ready-to-drink in the context of an excessively competitive market, and amid a global pandemic. For the last 2 years, the market has exploded in this category, standing out is becoming a real issue. The objective of this product was to target a different consumer, a little younger and more outgoing than the audience they currently have with their gins. We had to explore a more “funky” side while retaining the already well-established refined, daring and botanical side.

The Solution

Building on the strong trend of returning ’80s imagery, we created a can with a festive and colourful allure that exploits the theme of pool parties with the famous flamingos. The universe is friendly, fun, and summery. The touches of rosemary and the quality of workmanship bring refinement to the botanical side to the product. Everything combines festivity, quality, freshness, and flavour to create a unique product that easily stands out on the SAQ shelves. A campaign on social networks also made it possible to reach this new audience. The video that was developed takes us to a festive, citrus-filled summer.

The Results

The design achieved glaring results in the SAQ’s controlled retail environment. The ready-to-drink launched in April 2021 is already considered an exceptional success. Barely on the shelves for two months, it can now boast of being the best-selling Quebec ready-to-drink at the SAQ.